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2015-03-31 21:07:29 by corsetfetish

Rabidness GAME has released, feel free to check on Play Store !

Windows Phone Store

Any comments would be appreciated! :)

new post :)

2010-12-14 01:08:07 by corsetfetish

me online @




2010-04-18 18:27:20 by corsetfetish

onLoad = function () {
youRedTheWholeDamnThing = false;
var myMusic = new Sound();
myMusic.attachSound("Anything_by_KCand JoJo");
youAre.yourText.text = "";
you_are = person;
i_am = person;
trace("Try not to read this");


my name is emir ciftci and i'm a random person WTF IS LLAMA? llama for what? llama for poor people? llama to feed homeless people? helpless kids? dogs? anyway i like to fuck and smoke camel soft instead of to fuck and drink coffee but i like to drink coffee too. If i ever come back to life again i would barely change my name to emir camel like mustapha camel. But it doesn't mean that i'm allready dead because BECAUSE i'm typing this at the mo. - ment. I have thought about emir soft or emir box too but the first one sounds too gay and the second one's way too edgy for me so i have changed my mind (here brackets goes) (full stop)

indent - (with LOWERCASE ofcourse) this is some complicated stuff (with russian accent). DO not try to understand it. If you allready did or allready knew what the hell am i talking about, i love you and i want to marry with you. BUT(t)

function BUT(t) {

if (you_are == man or you_are == boy or you_are == kitten){
else if (you_are == woman or you_are == lesbian){ art(0,69);
if (i_am == rejected or youAre.yourText.text == "what the fuck is this shit?"){
// end function

life is fun like driving a mustang without any seat cover. and i knew what a seat cover is plus i could explain that without typing brackets or capital letters. yeah life is fun. suck it.

you have wasted one minnute of your life ifYouRedTheWholeDamn(Thing);

function ifYouRedTheWholeDamn(Thing) {

if (youRedTheWholeDamnThing == true){
trace(" you have wasted one minute of your life, and i have wasted two of mine but that's fine and fun 'cause life is fun! ");
} else {

// the end



My DeviantART

2010-04-06 19:11:20 by corsetfetish

here's my deviantART ;)

llama : surviving purgatory

2009-12-30 17:07:54 by corsetfetish

Hey, my first and last game project is almost completed. Now it's time for me to work on level design and other stuff.

Thought that it would be helpfull to take advice about level design, gameplay and testing it in various computers. My goal is to make the game simple, unique and fun.

Requested specialities:
*1992 model human or higher.
*2.4 ghz cpu or higher.
*Few knowledge about Flash/Actionscript or higher.

Here's a sample of this project. Link

If you're interested, feel free to pm* me.

llama : surviving purgatory

Lama - coming soon !

2009-11-25 07:27:39 by corsetfetish

Decided to work on a flash game these days. Actually coding isn't in my range but thought that i could handle it if i focus on visual graphics and those kind of stuff.

You can test it from here - LINK TO FLASH - which I update every day.

But i warn you it's full of bugs and doesnt contain enemies / ai right now.

Thank you for your support.

by Corsetfetish.

Lama  - coming soon !